Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Godfather

She definitely mimics Mommy!

Mom, you look like you need some coffee!

Most importantly Olivia got to meet her Godfather Dwayne Kouf, his wife Tracy, and their three kids, Kyle, Zack and Grace. This is the family that would raise our daughter if something unfortunate were to happen to Mom and Dad. Dwayne and I have been friends for over 11 years and have competed and trained together in the sport of powerlifting for what seems like forever. He is my BFF haha! Dwayne and Tracy are very good people and have great parenting skills in our eyes. We could not imaging Olivia with anybody else.

Playing with Dwayne and Grace

Showing Mom and Tracy I can walk

Learning to love my Godfather

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Olivia's 1st Birthday

Mommy and Liv

The Ya Ya's

Here are some pictures of Olivia's 1st B-day. Laura's mom and dad came down for a visit but had to leave before January 8th so we ended up celebrating it on two different days. We took her to Chuck E Cheese's with Nonna and Poppie and then celebrated it on the 8th at Red Robin (currently her favorite place to eat).

We expect her to start walking real soon. She gets herself up on her feet all of the time and has been trying to take steps but has not got down the balance thing quite yet. Olivia also has been saying a few words and has started asking for her favorite cartoon called the Pleasent Goat and Big Bad Wolf(http://www.22dm.com/). She asks for it but saying "yaya" which are some of the words in the song......very cute. However, we are getting very tired of hearing the song over and over and over haha!

Very cute picture of Liv, Nonna and Poppie

Liv and Mom checking out the toys at Chuck E Cheese's

The Family at Chuck E Cheese

Nonna and Liv

Mom getting me ready for my B-day celebration

I Love Red Robin

Waitress singing Happy Birthday to Liv

Enjoying my ice cream with mommy