Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hanging with Daddy at the "Compound"

Trying to lift Daddy's 150 pound dumbell
(I thought it looked cool in B&W)

Olivia hung out with Daddy and his training partners at the Power Performance Training compound this past weekend. The "compound" is nothing more than warehouse with thousands of pounds of weight and the basic equipment necessary for those who are on a quest to take their mental and physical strengths beyond what they ever imagined. It was great opportunity for Olivia to meet all of her uncles....these are the guys who will be hanging at my house on the day she wants to go on her first date. She really enjoyed it and was not intimadated with the loud music and the heavy weight being smashed around.....thats my girl.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Trip to Visit Family in Ohio

Olivia doing her "shrug" and "cheeker" smile!

We went to Ohio last week to visit Laura's and my family. Laura's family live in the Painesville area and mine in Akron. Olivia spent alot of time with Laura's family playing outside and with her cousin Mitchell. She of course got crazy spoiled by her Nonna and Poppie.....which is awsome. She also visited my family for a couple days to hang with Nanna and Poppie. They had a party where other members of my family got an opportunity to meet Olivia. She had alot of fun playing with her cousins. We also celebrated Nonna's (Laura's mom) birthday a day early who just turned 32 years old ;) and Olivia got to spend quality time with her Uncles (Paul and John) and Aunts (Caroline and Meagan). It was a great trip and really nice to see everyone. Olivia had a blast which is all that matters in the end. Hope all of you enjoy the pictures.

I found a Buckeye Daddy!

Learning how to walk up steps.

Playing on the porch with Nonna and Poppie

Olivia and her cousin Mitchell helping Nonna blow out her B-day candles

Laura's family celebrating Nonna's B-day

Hanging with Aunt Caroline and Uncle Paul

Playing with Aunt Caroline and Uncle Paul

Watching cartoons with her cousin Mitchell

Smelling flowers with Nonna and Mama

Enjoying Nonna

Playing with Aunt Dee, Nanna, and cousin Lexi

Olivia and Aunt Dee

Olivia and cousin Brooke

Olivia and Poppie

Olivia and Uncle Jared

(Left to Right) Aunt Dee, Aunt Aimee, cousin Maddy, Aunt Jen, Mama, O, cousin Brooke and Great Aunt Mary

Cousin Brooke and Olivia walking up steps.

Olivia and cousin Brooke running.

Loving the slide.

First time on the "big girl" swing

Whoah Dada!!

Playing with her cousins.

(Left to Right) Cousins Adrianne, Brooke, Maddy and Daddy

Taking a walk with Daddy

Learning how to look at rocks like Daddy does for his job.

Looking for rocks....potential Geologist but will hopefully know better and become a Plastic Surgeon