Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Best Day Ever!!!

The Nickelodeon Resort

We went on our first family vacation this past weekend to the Nickelodeon Resort in Orlando. Olivia's BFF is Sponge Bob so we thought it would be good times for her to hang with him in real life. Words cannot explain her excitement everytime she saw Sponge Bob or Dora the Explorer (her other BFF). She would dance, scream and shake her hands everytime she got to meet Sponge Bob of even just see a picture of him and it would be like she was meeting him for the first time....everytime. The smile on her face and thrill in her eyes was worth ever penny and we will definitely plan another trip up there if she and Sponge Bob remain best friends.

The Family.

Meeting Sponge Bob for her 1st Time and giving him a kiss on the nose.

Having Breakfast with Sponge Bob.

Sharing her juice with Sponge Bob - True Love

Saying Bye Bye to Sponge Bbob

Hanging with Dora!

Having Breakfast with Dora!

Sharing her juice with Dora.

Giving some love to Diego.

Hanging with Blue.

Just chilling.


Window shopping with Mama!

Hanging out at the pool with Daddy.

Playing in the pool.

Fascinated with water.

The push-up pop smile!

Getting some love from Mommy.

Hanging with Mommy.

Snacking on some pretzels.

Olivia getting her first tattoo (Dora the Explorer)

Going home.