Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nothing Brings a Smile to Someones Face Than One A Baby Laughs

Olivia had a great time bouncing on the trampoline and trying to walk on it.

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was a blast. Olivia was able to spend time with her God Parents (LaJan Gartner, Dwayne and Tracy Kouf and their family). It was her first Easter Egg Hunt and not to sure if she understood it but went along for the ride and really enjoyed herself. Olivia was introduced to the pool for the first time and had no problem getting in there and playing with Dwayne and Tracy’s kids. Also, at the end of the month, Olivia starts her “Mommy and Me” swim classes. It should be a good opportunity for her to be around other children and for her and Mom to have a great time together.

Off to the Easter Egg Hunt with Mom, Tracy and Grace (in the back)

My BFF (Dwayne) and my Wife

Easter egg hunting

I found one Daddy!

Mommy helping out.

Grace and Liv on the prowl for eggs

Check this egg out Mom

The family after the hunt.

Tracy and Liv

Pool time with Dadddy

I can get used to this Daddy!

Dwayne, Liv and Grace

Learning how to jump on the trampoline

Loving the trampoline!